Work shouldn't feel like work

We are a small group of people passionate about lifelong learning. We love tough challenges and crazy characters. Located in Menlo Park, CA, Curious has a tested leadership team, funding and support from great investors and is growing quickly — one terrific new employee at a time.


Some of the perks you will enjoy as a Curious employee include:

  • getting to hang out with some of the silliest, most easily distracted and impressive people you'll ever have the pleasure of working with.
  • eating (free) gourmet lunches with aforementioned awesome co-workers everyday!
  • access to our stocked chef's kitchen, movie lounge, and sweet outdoor BBQ patio 24 x 7 x 365—just a few of the features of Curious World Headquarters.
  • health, dental and vision insurance—all useful if you get hit in the face during a company game of dodgeball.
  • an annual company retreat of which you will never speak.
  • weekly company "recess" at the park, and you can use the office showers afterwards.
  • easy walking distance to downtown Palo Alto and Caltrain.
  • a smug feeling of satisfaction for having saved the world from its own destruction.
  • having more fun than you thought possible at work.


We currently have openings for the following positions (and will post more when they come up):

  • Creative Writer and Researcher — Contractor.  A part-time writer and researcher to assist our original content team with research, article writing, and story ideas.

    Employment Type:

    Time & Compensation:
    15-20 hours per week, hourly rate

    2-3 years of creative or journalistic writing for a mass consumer audience

    The role is expected to participate in the daily content production for the Curious Curio Cabinet. The Curio Cabinet contains short-form learning articles, or Curios, on various themes (Art, Photo, Song, etc.). They are written and published daily by our team to our over 1M users. Each Curio is a unique piece of writing—researched from multiple sources—that delivers a specific kind of fun and engaging learning experience that Curious learners become “addicted” to.

    We are looking for a writer who can effectively research and write new Curios (articles) and increase our productivity, quality, and output.

    Key Skills:
    • Ability to brainstorm, refine, and source Curios for existing Curio themes.
    • Ability to write pitchy, entertaining, and educational articles which capture the Curious editorial voice and deliver a delightful learning experience.
    • Pitch story ideas to the content team.
    • Proofreading, fact-checking, and other non-writing team support as needed.


If you want to work hard, play hard, and love coming to work on Monday mornings then you should apply to work here! Just find an open position that you're interested in, memorize the Curious Creed, and email us your resume. Send your email to and include a cover letter which states your "bucket learning list" of five things you want to learn before you kick the aforementioned bucket.

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